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No Room For Uncertainty

I want to pour so much of Christ into my adopted boys’ lives that there is no room for uncertainty or an insecurity of identity. A constant pour of Christ, His Word, imitating His unconditional love without ceasing; it is the only cure in stopping the plot of the enemy who wants nothing more than to sow seeds of doubt in the minds of innocent prey. Parents of the adopted must be unwavering in their faith and ministry in serving their family. We must remain determined to stand and actively prove our love for them and Christ to see our children fulfill that life without question or uncertainty.

If I love my boys more than myself and want nothing more than to point them to Christ, the ultimate picture of selflessness, there will be no room in their hearts for an investigation of their past and self-identity.

The Truth of Gods Word builds a foundation with the worlds strongest materials and will ultimately prevent potholes of doubt throughout their entire lives.

The responsibility of their identity in Christ and the knowledge and teaching of His adoption process (God their Father) lies heavy on the shoulders of the parents and if we fail; we will stand accountable.

There will be a multitude of parents who will stand before God, who have failed in fulfilling their role as selfless Godly parents of the precious adopted (and biological).

I am determined to live everyday devoted to Christ, honoring my role as a mother to my two extraordinary sons, to take my calling and assignment from God so seriously that I must begin my day face down in reverence to Him who empowers me.

God knows our sons and daughters are called for a purpose, He has a plan for each of their lives (Jeremiah 29:11), and you and I are here, physically present and determined to fight on their behalf, to stand in the gap of prayer, stand on God’s Holy Word, determined to protect, teach and give them back to God, their ultimate adopted Father.

May we as parents do our jobs well, never ceasing to fight for them, to protect them from the enemy and love them wildly.

We can do it. We were called to this, so God will empower us to fulfill it for the rest of our lives. It’s all up to us. No one else will do YOUR job as an adopted parent. If we do not the world will. Do not think for a second that your child will find Christ on his or her own. Christ-filled ministers, missionaries, men and women of God can each point to strong Biblical influences in their lives. Find one of these great men and women of God and ask them for yourself. You hear of parents, grandparents, a strand of a legacy built on faith. So the question is; are YOU the Biblical legacy they will point too? Or will you choose laziness and allow the world, their teacher or friends to show them a life other than Christ? The answer lies with you. The innocent hungry souls are looking to you. Let’s do our job in raising God-fearing, faith-filled adopted (and biological) children right now. It’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM. Now let’s get to work.

God give us the emotional, physical and spiritual strength to purposefully choose to live a life of selfless example before our (Your) children. The enemy seeks to destroy them, to remind them of their past filled with abandonment, but God we know that You alter what Satan intended for evil and YOU transform for good (Genesis 5:20).

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