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Love Again and Again...

I imagine Gods loving compassionate heart as He created Adam, then Eve, following the magical miraculous days of creation. He was proud, in such love for these two amazing creations. He stands back in awe and feels His heart warm for them like a glowing fire. He sees them enjoy the Garden, the life given through love and admiration from their Father. Sadly, He sees their disobedience and choice of will as they choose to eat from the forbidden tree. I think of His disappointment, His sorrow, for He sees their end, the struggle of His once perfect creation, mankind. Time after time men and women choose disobedience over Gods protection and His love. Finally, the time comes for God to send His precious Son, the second reign of Trinity, Jesus Christ. Into the dark, cruel world Jesus grows and is birthed through Mary and sets forth in finding His path to redeeming the people He loved so much. They scorn and ridicule this precious Lamb, they choose rebellion and nail Him to a tree. There, the lover and creator of man dies saving the world He Himself birthed through absolute compassion.

God loved first. He loved in spite of rebellion and disobedience. He loved again, speaking, guiding His chosen Israel, in spite of their persistent sin. He never gave up calling, drawing, bidding the lost to turn to His loving gaze, yet sin was primary and priority. Gods final toss of love to the world of sin was in the form of a beautiful Savior, His Son, Jesus. God proved His compassion and broken heart for the world He created by sacrificing His very own flesh. Yet we do not see. We still, so many centuries later, selfishly choose our own flesh, rebellion and decision to sin.

Over and over God loves, His compassion is continual, relentless in pursuance of us, His beloved. Yet we turn away choosing once again, our own desires.

But the good news comes in the form of grace. Marvelous grace. The undeserved, unmerited favor from God to an unjustifiable race. We GET to get back up day after day, morning after morning, with tired eyes and throbbing hearts that say I'm going to do better. God is unconditional in His pursuance and He will stop at nothing to save, heal and love YOU. Let's do better brothers and sisters. Let's thank Him, praise Him, do better, try like crazy until our death to love and show the undeserving grace He shows us

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